The Guild Hall Addition and Renovation

Address: 27 – 14th Avenue
Location: Whitehorse, Yukon
Date of Completion: December 2010
Owner: The Guild Society
Architect: Kobyashi and Zedda Architects
 Art and Theatre Center

About this Project

The Guild Hall was able to celebrate its 30th Birthday in style this year with a new addition to the space and completely renovated front entry.  Upgrades were made to the interior and exterior of the Guild Hall. They include high-efficiency lighting and windows, siding, insulation and ventilation systems. The building also has a new roof, flooring, dressing room, bar and kitchen area. An expanded tech booth, the addition of a new front porch, and fresh paint has added to the overall esthetics and brought the facility into the 21st century. Ketza Group is proud to be a supporter of this community project.

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