Joint Ventures 

Increased rates of technological change and globalization are leading more and more firms to consider joint venture strategies in today’s market. Ketza believes that, properly chosen and implemented, a joint venture project allows all partners to pool talent, resources, equipment, and financing towards achieving their mandates.

These partnerships benefit all partners as they allow each one to expand their scope of knowledge and expertise, take on new and challenging work, and form long-term venture relationships. Ketza has a long history of joint venture partnerships with First Nation Government and private sector partners.

Ketza Group is Yukon’s most dynamic and versatile construction company. With over 35 years of experience in the construction and mining industries, we offer a team of highly qualified estimators, managers and educated workers, a wealth of knowledge about working and building in the North, and several years experience with joint venture partnerships of all kinds.

Why Invest in Yukon?

Yukon is full of wide open opportunity and offers a competitive investment climate.

  • Worldwide connections: With easy access to an ice-free port, international flights to Germany and Switzerland, and easy flight access to many Canadian destinations Yukon is globally connected. 
  • Northern expertise: Yukon offers a skilled and well educated labour force that is globally aware yet keenly focused on northern in mining, telecommunications, construction and tourism.
  • A modern lifestyle: Yukon offers a wilderness paradise with all the modern amenities. We have well developed highways, internet and telecommunications networks, excellent local cuisine and local recreation opportunities.
  • Exciting Business opportunities: Yukon First Nations are open for business and our many local firms from all industries are ready to partner with you for business success.

If you are looking for to enquire about a joint venture relationship with Ketza Group please contact Eric Brohman .